The Trigger Puller Process

The Trigger Puller Process is an innovative strategy developed by Civil Design Concepts that utilizes top-shelf talent and resources to maximize project dynamics, minimize associated expenses and expedite project planning timelines. It’s a process that let us invest ourselves in every client-centered project we take on to ensure benchmark results.

Innovative strategies for experienced developers.

Pull the trigger on your next project with clarity, confidence and a more targeted plan. Our distinctively collaborative approach leverages local-area development specialists, talented and resourceful engineers, and time-tested business knowledge to create a powerful forum for exploration, innovation and consistently higher ROI.

Your project. On target.


We meet to understand your vision and to determine a baseline of the top five success criteria for you and your target project. We share about our approach and outline the next steps.


Our team meets to challenge every assumption and question every approach to the project. We work to define the extreme limits of the project’s potential and arrive at suitable yet alternative approaches that maximize results. We then connect with you to validate those targets.


Through an internal critique process, we refine targets considering yield analysis, a cost to yield review, ROI and cost benefit analysis, a land use assessment, and finally a matching review of your goals. We present a complete Target Analysis with two to three fully vetted choices and set a meeting time to review.


We meet again and review the Target Analysis further to refine the best path for your goals and the most efficient plan for the project. Once a target has been selected, we outline action steps to pursue it.

Ready. Aim. Pull the trigger.